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Revision History

Revesion 4.04
  1. Converted damagedrop cvar rtf cvar. completely redesigned to handle better game play for return the flag CTF
  2. Made damagedrop 0 to an optional mode to run in conjunction with RTF mode. while enabled damaging effects take place to carriers
  3. Added mapcyclecfg cvar to allow the server to allow the server to update a maploop when no players connect after time runs out.
  4. Added stand "thinking" and "touch" functions  to handle captures and returns of the flag. in Return the flag mode.
  5. Modified dropflag command to drop the right flags at the right time based on the team holding .
  6. Modified damagedrop functionality to make it harder to drop a flag. when being damaged. lethality also affects this.
  7. Added a model of 2 flags to allow players to see the carrier properly holding 2 flags
  8. added lines to not allow a player to use specmode in arenaflags. this would cause crashes since the server moves players to and from speccing.
Revision 4.0.3
  1. added strafe jump limiting, Optimized Strafe Jump fixes, Optomized Damagedrop code.
  2. cvar sjtoggle , maxsjspeed
  3. pak file checking to work with "sv gamemap" or" sv loadmap" command on a server
Revision 4.0.2
  1. Alternate BFG Weapon added 
  2. bfg cvars added to control the bfgs speed, restore of ammo, max cells, and damage radius 
  3. Bot checks  -- sv ibocheck , sv ratcheck and sv listsvcmds
  4. removed double connect code in the expert dll which was in the 3.2.7, q2admin has support for this.
Revision 4.0.1


Revision 4.0.0
  1. Merged Expert 3.3.2 and Expert 3.2.6 (Spyders code) --this was a major conversion because of the amount of  merging of code that was done.
  2. client side map warping command enabled.
  3. integrated warp.c  into Expert courtesy of Qdevels
  4. Modified checks in the client cmd function to check if a vote is running while typing yes or no
  5. Re-Integrated a ctfmenu client command
  6. added  mishteamaudio cvar which loads sv props


Revision 3.3.2
  1. Added pullspeed cvar for grapple
  2. Added sv gamemap / sv loadmap command
  3. Added damagedrop game mode. -- an alternate ctf play mode
  4. Added restartcfg cvar to enable restarts on server crashes due to bad maps or maploops
  5. added autorestart cvar for enabling autorestarts on bad map naming or maploop errors
  6. fixed various bugs in Radar code