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Return The Flag Documentation


Damagedrop is dead, well sorta, it has been converted to "Return the Flag".

What is "RETURN THE FLAG" you ask?

Return the flag is a mode of "Capture the Flag" where you have to bring your flag back to base,
there is no returning the flag when you step over it anymore. Instead you pick the flag back up. There is still an Auto-Timeout on untouched dropped flags. This was left to avoid problems where flags can't be reached, for example in a deep lava pit or a crack the flag fell into that a player cant reach.

  1.  A player can hold any flag.
  2.  A player can hold both flags.
  3. There are 2 ways to capture the flag:
    • You have both flags in your possession, Simply return to your base and touch the flagstand.
    • You have the enemies flag and your team flag is at the stand. Simply touch your team flag.
    • Note: If 2 team members have a flag , you must return your teams to base on the stand then your other team player may capture.
  4. You might run into a situation where 2 players on your team are holding flags.. The basic principle 
    is this. 
    • You can't capture until your own team flag is at the stand. so you have 2 options here. The player carrying your team flag must return the team flag to it's base before the player with the opposing teams flag can capture. 
    • Alternatively, the player with the teams flag can drop it and allow the other player on your team with the the opposing teams flag to pick it up and then proceed to the stand to score.
  5. To drop a flag a player can bind a key to the command "dropflag", with dmagedrop enabled on the server. This is an optional server side feature for Return the flag mode.
    • Example, in console type:  bind yourchosenkey dropflag
  6. With damagedrop enabled, If you damage an enemy player with enough blasts he may drop the flag or a flag he is carrying..if he is carrying more then one he will drop 1 of the flags, but not both.
  7. With damagedrop 1 enabled, Your hook can be used against stubborn or unlearned teammates to make them drop the flag. From there you could pick up the flag and continue on to home base.
  8. There are a few penalties to be aware of.:
    • If you pick up your own teams flag from your bases  stand, there is a 2 second delay for that player before you can return it to base stand.
    •  If you return your flag, there is a 3 second delay for that player before they can pick it up from the base stand.
    •  If you capture, there is a 6 second delay before that particular player can pickup there own flag from base.
    • These delays are done to deal with some spam pickup/dropping of the flags, and to keep people from "hogging" the flags.
Server Variables
  • Two variables are necessary to run Return the flag
    • set ctf 1 //this enables CTF play on an Expert Server
    • set rtf 1 //this enables Return the Flag.. ctf needs to be 1
    • set damagedrop 0 or 1 // This changes the gameplay to damage dropping modes. damagedrop is an optional server command for rtf mode only.
  • Server admins may want to be able to switch between modes without shutting the server down. There is 2 ways to accomplish this to allow the server to change modes without taking the server down and restarting
  1. The first option would to be duplicate the Expert startup config that the server loads.
    •  For example purposes, Rename this file to "exctfd.cfg". Open the newly created file, and change a few variables.
    • restartcfg "exctfd.cfg" //make this match the file name you just created
    • set ctf 1 //this needs to be enabled for "Return the Flag" to run.
    • set rtf 1 //this needs to be enabled for "Return the Flag" to run.
    • Ensure you have autorestart 0 in the config
    • For our purposes here in the "ctf/ctfcycle.cfg", make sure ""autorestart" is set to "1"
    • Using this way, using rcon a server admin would change the current "restartcfg" on the running server to the new file "exctfd.cfg", then force a restart by typing gamemap "x" where "x" is an invalid map name. This will look like the game server has crashed to connected clients but it will actually restart using the new config. Doing this  is necessary because if you "rcon map mapname" the cvars reset to there default values, which is 0.
  2. Another alternative without having to create a new config file would be to open your existing config. For our purposes here we'll name it "exctf.cfg".
  • In that "exctf.cfg" remove the line that says "rtf 0"
  • Next, using rcon change the cvar rtf to 1
  • Ensure you have autorestart 0 in the config
  • For our purposes here in the "ctf/ctfcycle.cfg", make sure ""autorestart" is set to "1"
  • Then force a game restart by typing gamemap "x" where the map name is an invalid map to load.
  • This will force a restart of the game server as long as autorestart is configured to work properly.

Client Variables and Commands

Bind <key> dropflag -- Only if damagedrop is set to enabled on the server