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Monday October 2, 2013

This site is in need of a severely overdue overhaul. It has been quite a while since posting anything up here. Hopefully I can get a bit more new content up. Not sure what i want to do with it though. I will keep you all posted. I do want to change it all over to using php. That I do know. As far as new content? Hmm . Maybe some more links to maps or some other new projects or something. I will decide later I guess.

Saturday January 1, 2008

A new release of Quake 4 xctf is available. Just an updated version to make it compatible with the latest SDK ( version 1.4.2).
Check the Q4 downloads pages.

SundayJanuary 14, 2007

I made an update to my stormcastle map. The map was modified to the liking hopefully by the 3 wave community.
Heres the updated map in zip form.

Monday December 15, 2006
People were asking me about some maps I ported for my Qfusion xctf port. These maps, 5 in all were ported to Quake3 a while back and have all q3 entities, updated graphics and tweaks for q3. Heres the 5 map pack
The maps were as2m7, codctf1, codctf2, bw, rocky1, and priictf1.. There are screenshots down this page some where.

Monday December 12, 2006

The 1.04 release of Expert Quake4 has been uploaded. Make sure to review the "ExpertReadme.txt" file in the expert directory.

On another note, I got bored and decided to try my hand at a map for quake3. I know it's way late in the season, but what the heck. Get a gander at this screenshot. It's meant for capture the flag of course, but has spawn points for deathmatch, and teamplay games a well. Heres more screenshots of the map. I may be releasing a map pack of converted quake2 maps in the future for quake3 as well. My "Storm the Castle" map is here

Monday May 30, 2006

The 1.03 release of Expert Quake4 has been uploaded. It fixes a few minor bugs that were found after releasing the 1.2 update. The few things that the 1.03 release corrects is the team color code, which uses full q4max skins and customized code to deal with id/raven changes with the skins. Also corrects sprites on powerups, and removel of global sounds on pick ups of powerups. Also, released in this pack is an entity pak file that adds Expert powerups to q4ctf1 thru q4ctf4. Also, expert powerups can now only be picked up one at a time. On a side note, the expert game code is going open sourced. Look for the bonus.pk4 in the mod download, there you'll find the expert goods to help make your own game. Good Luck and Good Hunting. Look for the expert downloads on the expert downloads section. As always, delete old versions of expert by removing the old expert folder, and unzip the new in the Quake 4's directory. Make sure to review the ExpertReadme.txt file in the expert directory.

Monday May 8, 2006

It's been a while since posting again here. Been quite busy with RL and making updates and changes to the expert mod for the Grand Quake 4 Expert 1.02 mod to be released, And today I am proud to say it has. I want to extend a great big thanks to LDAsh yet again for coming through on the awesome models he made for experts new powerups. Bringing back 3 old school powerups that were in quake 2's expert mod, which are the Mutant Jump, Vampire Artifact, and the Powershield, all ith new fx features and nice new shiny pickup models. There were other additions made like adding armor regen server side option, tons of server side features. There are too many things to list in this little blurb, but its all documented in the online documents, and also in the ExpertReadme.txt file in the mods download. So with that all said, Check out the Q4 links tab on the side and grab the mod.

iNcInErAtoR -- You have been Incinerated!

Saturday April 1, 2006

Today, Quake 4 1.0 expert has been sent out the doors. We have a few new items in the mix for the game now. Visit the links on the side for new files and instructions, as wellas online documentation.

Saturday March 25, 2006

Well some new news. Quake 4 Expert coding continues. LDash continues to put out some decent modeling to add to the expert quake4 mod. Q4Max team from http://q4max.com team offered up some fullbright skin code for the mod as well, and paks for skinning fullbright models.

"X^Tigre" from "http://baseft.com", also gave an alternative for the fullbright skis as well. I hacked them both up a bit to force team colors, or give you the option to set the way you need.

The Handgrenade weapon is in, as well as a non spammy blaster. There has been tons of changes, like adding a credits page in the gui, speed ups of all the weapons switching, and adding message brag lines on times for capping.

Oh yeah, the multiplayer gui now shows carrier names in the hud next to the opposing teams flags of the enemy carrier holding your flag. Thats a biggy and was a big pain in the you know what to get in and working right.

Bonus points for carrier kills based are now given on a 12 second or less kill time. Basically check the forums out here for some of the items in the wishlist that have been fullfilled.

Be patient though, I am working on a 1.1 version of the mod atm, and will be released very soon. So for now, savor over the wishlist, add comments, requests, etc..to the list and maybe we'll get it in there.

Monday January 30, 2006

Hello all.. News on this site has been lacking for a while. What we have now is Quake4 XCTF news. We here at beta file for your tasting pleasure. To install it, download the file, open it in winzip and point it to your quake4 directory, making sure to use folder paths, then extract the zip . Finally load the mod, and create a multiplayer game, where you'll see all the features of it waiting to play for you.. err against you.. err, well you know what i mean..

Sunday August 14, 2005

Ok. Here's a bit for testing out. I have compiled a few files together for downloading, all of them are in zip formats. These files are new files here on expertctf.net . QFusion XCTF beta releases and source code to go with it. I have built a pak to pk3 converter also. The pak converter will take q2 .pak files and port them to pk3 files for use under Quake3 folders. Install the application, making sure you have installed the base game first by unzipping it to Quake3.
The only things you have to hand move over from Quake2 will be to copy Quake2/players folder to Quake3/qfexpert folder in Quake3 directories. The pak exporter makes sure you have both Quake2 and Quake3 installed, then it will make and move the files appropriately. The other files here are the base game and qfexpert folders, which you need to extract into Quake3's path. There are no instructions on how everything works, but there are a bunch of configs you can try out, which are located in Quake3/qfexpert directory. There are also base batch files to start the game with as well. I have also released 5 maps with this beta release.
Any way, Here are the files:

Base XCTF Game

Pak to PK3 converter

QFusion XCTF Source

**** Don't forget to copy the player models from Quake2 to Quake3/qfexpert ****

There will be no support for this, as i don't have much time to work on it any more. Good Luck and have Fun..

June 21, 2005

New news, I have the QFusion Linux version ported and in working condition now, after a little updating of the make files for building it to it's robust perfection. Quake2 Expert Ctf has a new scope for entertainment now. QFusion can be viewed at http://sourceforge.net/projects/l33t. The Link is to an open sourced game engine(QFusion) that takes the best of Quake 2 and the best of Quake 3 and melds them into a nice little engine that could.
Any way, There are some drawbacks to the engine. It requires licensed copies of Quake 2 and Quake 3 to make the best use of the engine. See, what happens is this, the Qfusion engine right now the way i have it set up uses some Quake 2 player models, Quake 2 weapons and some other miscellaneous items, and also use some Quake 3 content as well like maps ( Q3 Bsp ), items and other things like shaders.
To make the whole complete package for xctf, I have made some changes to the engine code and the dlls to get us that old school feel we all remember Xctf to be like, a fast paced fighting defending the flag all out war. Since I have been a 1 man band thru all this(other then the awesome base to start from, being QFusion and Expert ctf Quake2 game code), porting to Qfusion wasn't that difficult. Well any way, there's my little blurb for today.
In a bit, i'll put up some more shots of the linux stuff in motion. But to say the least, now i have 2 platforms this will run on. Anyone interested in making a mac port, can give me a hollar and we'll see what's up.. Still not ready for releasing this yet tho. I have about 5 of the Quake2 old school maps ported so far.

Sunday June 19, 2005

Ok, It's been a loooong time since i Posted anything new on on this website. So, sue me. that just may happen, but i don't give a shit. I have been working on a new project. A Qfusion expert ctf port that just may bring a smile to peoples faces. What ?, you say is QFusion? QFusion is a mesh of Quake 2 and Quake3 code slewed together to make a pretty kickass game engine. So far, I have completely ported all of the Quake2 expert ctf code to it. WHat else have I been doing you ask? A few more things, like porting old expert ctf maps to Quake 3 maps which Qfusion will support.(In xctf's world they will be fully supported old school q2 maps). Here's a few links just for the kick of it.

BW map ported to Quake3
RCTF4 map ported to Quake3
Multiple mapshots
Scoreboard shots
I've been working on a whole great deal lately, with work being the only thing slowing me down. Eventually this will be released, one way or another. It will require full versions of quake 2 and Quake 3 installed on your computer prior to installation, but a small price to pay ffor a kick ass mod/game.

December 19, 2004

Happy Holidays, and another new Year heads our way, Again...
I haven't wrote anything new here in quite a while. Well here's the deal. I've been working on a game engine with a few people in the Torque community. We are working on a racing game. The game is a work in progress at the moment. More will be told about it later i guess.
In the meantime, I just made an old update available to some people, so i figured I may as well add a new download up here. Quake 2 Expert ctf finally is getting an update that i have had laying on my hard drive for quite some time. So, now the details. The version is now 4.04 , with some updates. Heres a few of the changes.

  • Spectate with some new views now.
  • Matrix command override crash fix
  • New mapcyclecfg server cvar
  • Made the blaster removable via sv prop vars
  • Fixed team messaging spam that could crash a server
  • Different Bfg10k shoots a single rail and a rocket
Well, visit the Quake2 downloads section to get the updated 4.04 Release. It comes with both Win32 and Linux flavors in one zip file.

January 10, 2004

Happy Holidays, and  another new Year heads our way. Web design almost done. Sorta getting sidetracked at the moment. Thanks to Macbeth for the cool center graphic and other graphics on the design of the pages.
On a side note:
Nothing new going on at the moment with these mods. I do have a Battlebots update, bringing version 0.7 to version 0.8. The new version/versions would also be able to be played in Q3A, as well as TA game modes in seperate vm builds. I'm trying to get a hold of Diordna to talk about uploading the new version to the site. He seems to be pretty busy with life at the moment and doesn't have much time for Quake3 stuff. If there are any people interested in trying the updates i can find a way to get them a version of it for toying around with.

That's all I have for now i think...

December 21, 2003

New Web Page Look: In for an overhaul. Please be patient while we get everything synched up together, and thanks for your patience.

December 18, 2003

XCTF-mod 1.02 is up for the taking. The new version has quite a few improvements, as well as unexpected features. The new File can be had xctf Bot mod 1.02 here.
Some notable changes:
  • Added some player Effects for 4 levels of health for all players, all game modes.
  • Made crosshairname show health for enemies ,teammates, and spectators, all game modes.(Now you'll know when to fight, and to run!)
  • Improved bot grappling a bit more, made them tougher to play against and less predictable while grappling(try a team game, you'll be surprised). They arent perfect, but pretty darn good offhand grappling bots.
  • Added "lethality" cvar for new instagib style play.
  • Added "railonly" cvar, which when enabled, will disable freegear, except triple rail. With this there is no gauntlet, but you still have a grapple.
  • Adjusted the health statusbar to show over 999 health, as playing a few bot only games i saw a few bots able to make health they had over 999.
  • Increased weapon firing speeds, and weapon switching speeds to smooth weapons out a bit and to not leave a player with a time where they wouldn't be able to fire for to long a period.
  • Adjusted the grapple to do damage and when colliding with players do damage and pull you around.
  • Added some new configs to run a few different gametypes.
Since there were many changes, including effects added and models adjusted, if you previously installed xctf 1.0, delete the xctf folder and install this new zip file in its place, then run as usual. ENJOY.... Again , any feedback will be responded to. I just dare you to play the a Team Deathmatch game of this with bot_grapple 1 enabled. For more information read the text files in the xctf folder after installation.

XCTF-mod 1.0 has been released. Now Supporting bot grappling. This is very entertaining, and the bots prey on you pretty good. Change log has been included with the new download xctf 1.0 here.

We are proud to announce the release of our NEW Quake 3 XCTF mod (not to be confused with the old newexpert Mod) featured recently on the front page of Planetquake’s web site under the article titled “Are You An Expert CTF Player?”. Word from the servers has been thumbs up from all who’ve tried this fast but furious game. Stripped down (you wanted nekkid –well you got nekkid!!) for next to no configurations and ultra fast gameplay, it includes the following features:

  • Small download (total zipped file size is 875 kb!!)
  • Offhand grapple: (very stable at 100 ping, 140 ping a little jumpy, 200+ ping is playable) Anything under 100 ping is phenomenal.
  • Constant ammo regen (the game starts off with 1/2 the ammo and starts regenerating.
  • Constant health regen max 160 (from 120 when you enter the game) and there is no health limit.
  • No armor
  • No tems on the maps
  • Special weapons which allow you to time your firing (double shotgun, triple shot rail, lightning gun has increased damage settings, triple grenade launcher and double shot rocket launcher)
  • Damage (if you shoot someone you get a portion of their health based on the amount of damage you did to them)
  • When you pick up weapons from a killed player instead of getting ammo you get 20 health points
  • No more worrying about running around collecting ammo or health. No more worrying about configurations. This mod focuses your full attention on killing (which is where it should be..)

  • Download XCTF 0.99